Like it or not, your credit score matters, which you probably know if you’ve ever applied for a credit card or taken out a loan. The trouble is, you have to have credit to get credit. So if your credit is poor or limited, it’s not so easy to bring it up to the good credit range.

That’s where StellarFi comes in. StellarFi is a public benefit corporation dedicated to improving people’s access to credit. Their unique solution: get credit for the bills you already pay. Let’s explore how they do this and if they’re the solution you need.

What is StellarFi?

StellarFi is a mission-driven company that aims to disrupt the poverty cycle by providing access to credit for the millions of Americans who have poor or no credit. It does this by reporting your regular monthly bill payments – rent, gym, phone, streaming services – to the three major credit bureaus. That way you get credit for the bills you already pay. There are no minimum income requirements, credit checks, interest, or deposits required. StellarFi aims to make credit building accessible to everyone.

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“StellarFi helped me to report subscriptions that other credit builder company don’t report to the credit bureaus! They provide a virtual card to replace your payment method so the payments can be reported to the credit bureaus. Also, no hidden fees, or additional costs with a supporting team that will help you through the whole process. I love that. Thank you StellarFi.” Ezra Brenes

How Does StellarFi Work?

StellarFi is easy to set up and use. You don’t have to put down a security deposit, go through a credit check, or even an application. You can get started in about three minutes.


Connect your checking account


Add your monthly bills


Pay your bills and build credit

Connect the bank account you normally use to pay your bills with StellarFi. You don’t have to pay all your bills with StellarFi. Choose the ones you want and link them in the dashboard. When the bill is due, StellarFi will notify you and check to see if you have enough in your bank account to cover it. If you do, it will pay your bill on your behalf and immediately debit the amount from your checking account. This way you’ll never overdraft or forget about a bill. StellarFi then reports your payments to the credit bureaus thus helping you establish a positive payment history and improve your credit. The process is unique because you get to build credit for bills you already pay.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

StellarFi’s goal is to be accessible so you don’t need much to join. You must be:

  • 18 years old or older
  • a U.S. resident
  • have a Social Security Number

You may be asked to supply additional documentation to verify your identity including a state-issued ID/Drivers License, a Social Security Card, and/or utility bill. It usually takes under three minutes to set up an account.

Is StellarFi Safe to Use?

Security is always a concern when your personal financial information comes into play. StellarFi ensures your safety by employing advanced security protocols and bank-grade encryption to safeguard all data. The service takes it a step further by not storing your financial information. Instead, it keeps random digital tokens to represent your account at your financial institution. You also use a StellarFi virtual card to pay your bills, which further protects your privacy and safeguards your data.

StellarFi is Stellar

“I just love this program. The Accuracy of paying my bills and taking it out of my account but most of all reporting it credit agencies.” Tamika Russell

Are There Any Fees?

Every financial service comes at a cost and StellarFi is no exception. StellarFi offers three membership options.

Lite $4.99/mo – covers less than $500 in monthly bills

Prime $9.99/mo – covers up to $25k in monthly bills

Premium $19.99/mo (coming soon) – covers all bills and get bill pay flexibility

Who is StellarFi Credit Builder For?

StellarFi’s credit builder service is for anyone who needs to build or rebuild credit. It is a good place to begin if you’re just starting out and are looking for an easy way to establish credit. Or if you’ve had issues in the past and need to rebuild your credit. It’s an innovative credit-building alternative if you don’t want to use traditional credit-building products like credit cards, secured cards, or credit builder loans.

Not only do you get credit-building tools with StellarFi, but you also have access to one-on-one credit counseling with a certified credit counselor. This is possible through StellarFi’s partnership with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). NFCC is committed to helping Americans learn more about credit, improve their financial literacy, and gain control of their finances.

Final Thoughts

StellarFi understands how important a good credit score is for financial success and wants to help people achieve it. The monthly cost is minimal and the fact that you also get credit counseling increases the value. If you don’t have a credit history or are struggling with a poor score, StellarFi gives you the chance to create one by doing what you’re already doing, paying bills.

About the author

Rachel Alulis

Rachel Alulis has been the lead editor for Moneyfor’s credit cards team since 2015 and for the financial rewards team since 2023. Before joining Moneyfor, Rachel worked at USA Today and the Des Moines Register. She then established a successful freelance writing and editing business specializing in personal finance. Rachel holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and an MBA.