Sezzle is a buy now, pay later app that lets you spread out the cost of large purchases without charging any interest. Need a new laptop for work or want the latest iPhone? Sezzle can make expensive purchases accessible and help build your credit at the same time. Shop online or in-store with the buy now, pay later app and split your payments into four or more manageable ones. There’s no credit check to apply and no fees if you pay on time. Let’s dive more into this financial service to learn if Sezzle is the payment method you’ve been waiting for.

What is Sezzle?

Sezzle is a buy now, pay later (BNPL) app that lets you purchase products immediately and pay for them over time. It is a viable alternative to a credit card. There is no hard credit check and no interest making it more accessible and financially friendly. The BNPL app was founded in 2017 with the mission to help people achieve financial freedom, take control of their finances, and build their financial future. Since then, it has grown to over 8 million users with over 40,000 retail partners.

How Does Sezzle Work?

1. Download the Sezzle app

Getting started with Sezzle is easy. Simply download the app – available on both Android and iOS devices – and create an account. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. You will need to enter your full name, phone number, email address, date of birth, and a PIN. You will also have to agree to Sezzle’s user agreement allowing the company to conduct a soft credit check. A soft credit check will not hurt your credit score or show up on your credit report.

To be eligible to use Sezzle you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a U.S. phone number that can receive texts
  • Have an active email address
  • Be a resident of the United States or its territories
  • Have a non-prepaid payment method available: bank account, debit or credit card

Sezzle will give you a spending limit which, like your credit limit, is the amount you’re allowed to spend. When you first sign up you’ll typically have a smaller limit between $50-$200. The BNPL app says it’ll increase the limit over time as you build a history of on-time payments for smaller orders. Sezzle doesn’t state what the maximum limit is but some vendors put it at $2,500.

2. Shopping with Sezzle

Sezzle partners with over 40,000 retailers including Amazon, Target, Ulta, Walmart, and Apple. You can easily shop at any of these stores both online and in-store. If you’re shopping through the app, select ‘Pay with Sezzle’ at checkout. If you want to shop in-store, first activate your Sezzle virtual card. Then add it to your Apple or Google wallet. When you go to pay, tap to pay with your Sezzle virtual card and you’re all set.

THE go to payment method!

“Sezzle has empowered me in many ways, Sezzle’s plans help me keep my payments organized, I prefer using Sezzle over credit cards, the process is transparent, and I feel that I can pay my balance much faster than if I were to use other payment methods. I am grateful for this opportunity, I feel Sezzle’s process effortlessly gets me to be responsible with my payments and budgets, and I love the flexibility and transparency. Thank you!” Mike P

3. Managing Your Purchases

When you make a purchase with Sezzle you can choose how many installments you want to break it up into. Generally, you’ll pay in four installments over six weeks. If you want to pay your purchase off faster, you can choose two installments over two weeks. Or you can decide to pay monthly and split the payments over 3-48 months (this is subject to approval by a third-party lender). Any way you go, you have to make the first payment at the time of purchase and there are no interest charges.

Where Sezzle Stands Out

1. Zero-Interest Loans

Sezzle’s biggest perk is its zero-interest financing. Unlike a credit card or traditional loan, the BNPL app will never charge you interest, though it does come with potential fees. Zero-interest financing is appealing if you’re looking for a revolving line of credit and want to avoid credit cards with high interest rates.

2. Free Payment Rescheduling

If you don’t like your assigned due date you can change it. Perhaps your financial circumstances changed or you want your payment schedule to line up with your paycheck. No matter why, Sezzle lets you reschedule your due date up to three times. The first time is free, the second and third times incur a fee of $5 to $7.50 depending on the state you live in.

3. Credit Reporting

Unlike many buy now, pay later services, Sezzle lets you opt-in to its credit reporting service called Sezzle Up. It reports your payment history on any financed product to all three major credit bureaus. Credit reporting can help you improve your credit score if you make on-time payments and keep your credit utilization below 30%. Payments that are over 30 days late will hurt your credit score. Sezzle Up is reported as a revolving line of credit – like a credit card – and so impacts your payment history, average credit account age, total amounts owed, and credit utilization. It is a great way to improve your credit without taking out a high-interest credit card with fees or a personal loan. Sezzle states that users see an average credit score increase of 20 points in the first four months of reporting.

4. Won’t Send Borrowers to Collections

In a consumer-friendly move, Sezzle does not send borrowers to collections, reducing the stress and potential credit damage from missed payments.

Awesome App

“Sezzle is an amazing way to pay for things you may not otherwise be able to get. Being able to split up your payments allows a person to make a more expensive purchase without having to break the bank to do so. Now they have added the Sezzle up option so that you can have all your on time payments reported to all 3 credit bureaus. Keep up the good work Sezzle!!!” Ashley Pike

Where Sezzle Falls Short

1. Account Activation Fee

Sezzle will charge your funding source automatically at each payment due date. If your payment is declined, the app gives you 48 hours to rectify the situation. If you do not, it will deactivate your account. To reactivate your account and continue to use Sezzle, you must pay a fee of $10-$15.

2. Card Payment Fee

The BNPL app encourages you to connect it to your bank account and make payments from there. If you choose to use a credit card or debit card it will charge you a $5 fee, which can add up over time.

Who is Sezzle Best For?

Sezzle is a good option if you already shop at stores that offer it as a payment method, want to improve your credit score, and can afford to make all the payments in six weeks. The BNPL app can be a cheaper option than most credit cards since it comes with zero interest and no fees (if you make all your payments in time and use your bank account). It also only does a soft credit check and has more lenient credit requirements than most lenders so you’re more likely to be approved even with bad credit.

Who Sezzle Isn’t Right For?

If you’re prone to impulse buying or struggle with managing multiple payment schedules you might find Sezzle to be more of a hindrance than a help. You have to pay your balances on time or you’ll be charged fees. If you use a credit or debit card to pay your balance, you’ll be charged fees and then may be subject to interest charges from your credit card. Sezzle only works at partner retailers, and while there are a lot of them, they may not work at a specific store you have in mind. Other BNPL services can be used at a larger variety of stores. Lastly, while the app provides a convenient, low-cost payment option, it is still a form of debt and so should only be used for essential purchases.

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Is Sezzle Worth It?

Sezzle’s value depends on your individual financial habits and needs. The BNPL app is free to use and you don’t have to undergo a hard credit check when you apply. It offers an interest-free payment plan and its credit-building potential is attractive. If you have bad credit and/or don’t want to pay a high-interest rate, it’s a great alternative to a credit card. The trick is, you have to pay on time or else you’ll be charged fees. The other downside of BNPL apps is they can trick you into overspending since you’re not paying the full amount at the time of purchase. Whenever you use a BNPL app, be sure you have a payment plan in place and stick to it.

Good Company with a Positive Experience

“I’m so happy, I discovered Sezzle, it has given me a chance to rebuild some credit, and to purchase items via payments that I would not have been able to do otherwise. They are very flexible and if I need to change a payment at any point, it is easy to do through their app. Spicy Chef

Final Thoughts

Sezzle is a good choice when you need to buy a product but just can’t afford to pay for it in full at once. Its flexible repayment plans make it easier for anyone to make big purchases without suffering a financial hit. You avoid high-interest credit cards and can build your credit without any fees and zero interest. The caveat is, don’t overspend and be disciplined in paying your installments. Other than that, Sezzle is a user-friendly buy now, pay later app with credit-building potential.