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Key takeaways

  • ClearOne Advantage offers debt settlement services aimed at helping individuals negotiate with creditors to pay off debt for less than the owed amount.
  • The company tailors debt relief plans to each client’s unique financial situation, providing personalized support throughout the process.
  • While ClearOne Advantage can help reduce the total debt owed, clients should consider the fees involved and the potential impact on their credit score.

Are you struggling with credit card debt and need professional assistance getting out? Look no further than ClearOne Advantage. ClearOne has helped thousands of clients with their credit card debts since it was established in 2008. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the company, its services, and how their debt relief works so that you can decide if they are a good fit for you.

What Is ClearOne Advantage?

ClearOne Advantage is a debt guidance and settlement company founded by Tomas Gordon in 2008 and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. It is certified by the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) and is recognized for its expertise in debt relief guidance. Its teams of experienced professionals are dedicated to their clients’ successes and create plans tailored to their clients’ unique financial situations. The company’s mission is not just about reducing debts but also about empowering customers through education and guidance. To qualify for their debt consultation services, you must have a minimum of $10,000 in unsecured debts like credit card debt. ClearOne Advantage is unable to help with secured debts auto or mortgage.

The Best for Credit Card Debt

“Clear One helped me take away the burden of the incredible stress I was going through. In a relatively short time, they took my case, negotiated with the sharks called credit card companies and gave me an easy monthly payment to finally get out of debt. Im very grateful and fully recommend Clear One to anyone who is going through credit card debt.” Betty Smith

Why Choose ClearOne Advantage?

ClearOne Advantage has helped thousands of clients settle their credit card debts. They have proven themselves to be a reputable, and trustworthy company with a 8,000+ excellent rating on Trustpilot. With ClearOne you are never on your own. They have a dedicated team of experienced professionals to help support you every step of the way. The company provides online resources, guidance, and assistance so that you not only become but stay debt-free. Their online resources include budgeting tools, articles, and a comprehensive debt guide. Lastly, they do not charge any start-up fees. You never pay anything until your debts are settled to your satisfaction.

Are you struggling with credit card debt?

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How Does ClearOne Advantage Work?

Navigating through debt can be daunting, but ClearOne Advantage simplifies the process into four manageable steps. Here’s how their approach works:

Step 1: Free Consultation with a Certified Representative

Call and tell ClearOne about your situation. You’ll be paired with a Certified Debt Specialist who will evaluate your financial situation to determine the best solution for you. They will then create a personalized debt relief plan to fit your budget and financial circumstances.

Step 2: Enroll in a Personalized Debt Settlement Plan

Review and approve your customized debt settlement plan. The plan is based on your initial consultation, addresses your specific debts, and fits your budget so that you can save money. Not every client has the same needs, so ClearOne Advantage always creates a new plan that is affordable for you and will get you out of debt in a reasonable time if you stick with it.

Step 3: Make Lower Monthly Payments

Once you approve your plan, you’ll start making monthly payments into an escrow account and stop paying your creditors. These monthly payments are typically less than what you’re currently paying your creditors making the plan more affordable and increasing your cash flow.

Step 4: Negotiations Begin

As funds accumulate, ClearOne works to resolve your debt. When you have sufficient funds, ClearOne will negotiate with your creditors to settle your debts for less than what you owe. Since you’ve stopped paying them, they have an incentive to settle. ClearOne’s expert negotiators have years of experience and are highly skilled at settling debts for large savings in a short amount of time.

Who’s Eligible for ClearOne Advantage?

Qualification Requirements: 

  • Clients must have a minimum of $10,000 in unsecured debt like credit card debt. This does not include auto or mortgage.
  • No minimum credit score or history required
  • No income requirements
  • No job status requirements
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or resident
  • Must be at least 18 years old

Who Is ClearOne Advantage Best For?

ClearOne Advantage’s guidance and consultation services are an excellent choice for anyone struggling with significant credit card bills or other unsecured debt. This program is particularly beneficial for those seeking to avoid the severe consequences of bankruptcy.

Before enrolling, it is crucial to ensure that you can afford to make the required monthly payments, as commitment to the program is essential for success. For ClearOne Advantage to be effective, you must be dedicated to getting out of debt. This involves establishing a realistic budget, avoiding unnecessary purchases, stopping impulse buying, and creating an emergency savings account to cover unexpected expenses.

ClearOne Advantage emphasizes a personalized approach to debt settlement, offering expert guidance every step of the way. Their team works closely with clients to negotiate and reduce debt, helping them regain financial stability. If you are looking for a comprehensive and supportive solution to your debt problems, ClearOne Advantage could be the answer you need to move towards a more secure financial future.

Grateful for ClearOne

“I’m glad there’s company’s out there like COA. They got me out of the hole I was in because of my own making. From the beginning they explained how the plan was going to work in ways that is easy to understand and that it fit my pocket book. i would recommend them to anyone that was in the same boat as I was.” Raymond Huttemann

Pros and Cons of ClearOne Advantage

As with everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to settling debt with ClearOne Advantage.


  1. Debt Reduction:
    • Negotiation Skills: ClearOne Advantage negotiates with creditors to reduce the overall amount of debt owed, which can lead to significant savings for clients.
    • Lower Monthly Payments: They often help clients achieve lower monthly payments compared to what they were paying before.
  2. Professional Guidance:
    • Expertise: The company provides access to experienced debt counselors who can offer personalized advice and strategies.
    • Educational Resources: Clients can benefit from financial education resources and tools to better manage their finances.
  3. Simplified Payments:
    • Single Monthly Payment: Instead of managing multiple debt payments, clients make one consolidated payment to ClearOne Advantage, which then distributes funds to creditors.
  4. No Upfront Fees:
    • Contingency Fee Structure: ClearOne Advantage typically charges fees based on the amount of debt settled, meaning clients do not pay upfront costs.
  5. Potential to Avoid Bankruptcy:
    • Alternative to Bankruptcy: For those struggling with significant debt, using a debt settlement service can be a preferable alternative to declaring bankruptcy, which has long-term negative effects on credit.


  1. Impact on Credit Score:
    • Credit Damage: Engaging in debt settlement can negatively impact credit scores, as accounts may go delinquent during negotiations.
    • Long-term Recovery: The process can lead to a prolonged period of credit recovery even after debts are settled.
  2. Fees and Costs:
    • Service Fees: While there are no upfront fees, the fees charged upon successful settlement can be significant, typically a percentage of the debt reduced.
    • Potential Tax Implications: Forgiven debt may be considered taxable income, potentially leading to additional tax liabilities.
  3. Not All Debts Covered:
    • Exclusions: Debt settlement services like those offered by ClearOne Advantage typically only apply to unsecured debts (e.g., credit cards, medical bills) and not secured debts (e.g., mortgages, auto loans).
  4. Varied Success Rates:
    • No Guarantees: There is no guarantee that creditors will agree to settlements, and not all debts may be successfully reduced or settled.
    • Time-Consuming Process: The process can take several years, requiring patience and consistent payments from the client.
  5. Potential for Increased Debt:
    • Accrued Interest and Fees: While accounts are being negotiated, they may continue to accrue interest and late fees, potentially increasing the total amount owed before settlement agreements are reached.

ClearOne Advantage can be a viable option for individuals struggling with substantial unsecured debt, offering professional assistance and the potential for significant debt reduction. However, it is important to weigh the benefits against potential downsides, such as the impact on credit scores and the costs involved. Prospective clients should thoroughly research and consider their financial situation before engaging with any debt relief service.

Is ClearOne Advantage Legit?

Yes, ClearOne Advantage is a legitimate debt relief company. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has received an A+ rating, indicating a strong track record of customer service and reliability. The company has been in business since 2008 and has helped numerous clients negotiate and settle their unsecured debts. ClearOne Advantage operates within the guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and adheres to industry best practices. However, as with any financial service, it’s important for potential clients to conduct their own research, read customer reviews, and understand the terms and potential impacts of debt settlement before committing to the service.

Bottom Line

Anyone struggling financially and considering debt settlement should explore ClearOne Advantage. This company provides professional guidance and support to help you achieve a more stable financial future. ClearOne Advantage breaks down the debt relief process into clear, manageable steps, ensuring that clients understand each phase. They take the time to create personalized plans tailored to your unique financial situation, providing a customized approach that addresses your specific needs. Through their expert negotiation services, ClearOne Advantage works with creditors to reduce the amount of debt you owe, helping you navigate the complex journey out of debt. Their goal is to guide you toward a brighter and more stable financial future.

For those facing financial difficulties, knowing that options like ClearOne Advantage exist can offer significant comfort and hope. With their experience and dedication, they strive to make the path to financial recovery as smooth and effective as possible.

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ClearOne Advantage Disclosures: 

ClearOne Advantage, LLC is a debt settlement company, not a lender, loan broker, creditor, credit services organization, or debt collector. ClearOne Advantage, LLC does not assume or pay any debts; receive, hold or control funds belonging to consumers; or provide bankruptcy, legal, accounting or tax advice. You should review full program terms and conditions before enrolling. To the extent that any aspect of the debt settlement services relies on or results in the consumer’s failure to make timely payments to the consumer’s creditors or debt collectors, the use of the debt settlement services: (1) Will likely adversely affect the consumer’s creditworthiness; (2) May result in the consumer being subject to collections or being sued by creditors or debt collectors; and (3) May increase the amount of money the consumer owes due to the accrual of fees and interest by creditors or debt collectors. Not available in all states. Some third-party fees may apply. C.P.D. Reg. No. T.S. 12-03822.

ClearOne Advantage is not a credit services organization and we do not make any claims regarding improvement of a consumer’s credit scores. Entering into a debt settlement program could adversely affect your credit score. 

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